Arctic Summits Expedition 2008

Two Germans conquer Greenland! Georg Csak and Dominik Rind want to reach the highest summits of Greenland.

"Climbing is boring" says Dominic Rind. "You have to get up early, it is cold, you don’t have fresh water and preparing meals is difficult. So what do we do it for? The adrenalin rush when we reached the summit? No, it’s so cold up there that you just want to go down again."

Nevertheless, he and his friend Georg Csak will spend 35 days in the arctic cold. They will be the first Germans to climb the 4 highest summits of the Arctic which are between 3609 and 3693 meters high and come back down on skis. Something nobody else has ever done before!

They have to cover 140 Kilometers from their start to the first mountain and will to all this "by fair means". So they will carry everthing they need (approx. 110 kg per Person) 140 Kilometers at minus 35 degrees Celsius and always in danger of polar bears and avalanches. The only help of getting forward are Airush Snowkites. With those they will be able to do 20 Km per day and will reach the mountains within 7 days. In case of emergency they do have satellite phones and GPS signal with them but it still might take days till rescue teams are able to find them. The two Germans are aware of the risks, but the thrill to stand on those mountains is worth it. Their families don’t really share the passion for the project. "My family is somewhere inbetween being proud and being worried" says Csak. Dominik Rind is the father of a one and a half year old daughter and last year he survived a plan crash and only suffered with a broken foot. His girlfriend is not really excited about his plans of this trip but he says it’s important for his life to do something nobody else has ever done before. Both of them agree that they are not only doing it to climb mountains, but to get to know their personal fears and learn how to deal with extreme situations.