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When it comes to all-round performance the Vapor has established the new benchmark. The concept of the Vapor II was to develop a kite that maintains the steering characteristic of a high performance C-Kite with a new level of extended wind range and static depower traditionally only found in bridled kites. The key to this is the flat 5 configuration featuring an advanced 5th line system that supports the leading edge of the kite. This enables enhanced safety, depower and overall performance.

Reliable performance is one of the key design focuses. This is achieved in the canopy construction where a frame concept is used on all main panels. This distributes load off all stitch lines in the center canopy area in the event of impact, while the outer frame features a two ply canopy with heavier weight cloth in the wingtip areas.

Safety features were high on the agenda when developing the Vapor II. The ultra reliable trigger release serves as a critical release safety, with the primary safety being an extended “depower safety”. This enables the kite to be sheeted beyond the standard trim to reduce load in the canopy in an emergency or overpowered situation. In keeping with the versatile performance the stopper ball can be used in a partial lock or full lock mode.

5th line and flying line setup can be adjusted from a fluid, fast, forward steering kite, to a much more stable, pivotal steering configuration. This is especially useful in very gusty conditions and for less confident riders.

For dynamic performance, experience the Vapor II.

• New canopy frame system combined with durable
   polycarbonate mini battens.
• New Constant Canopy Support 5th line system which delivers
   enhanced safety, depower and performance.
• New Fast Bladder Inflation system.
• New adjustable bar pressure and steering speed.
• New stability enhanced setting, for gusty wind or less
   advanced riders.